Zoccai Jewelry Dubai

Zoccai Jewelry is quite a big name in Italy from where it is coming. The Venice based jewelry maker is famous for its great innovative shapes and forms and of the wide usage of all sorts of colorful precious and semi precious stones. Zoccai has earned itself quite a name also in the circle of Dubai jewelry lovers. Dubai jewelry world has always welcomed every international company to bring more color to their already colorful variety of jewelry stores and brands.

Zoccai Jewelry was founded in Venice as a small workshop of a goldsmith named Zoccai. With time, the success of his art pieces has grown so big that he got famous and favored by many of the upper class personalities too. The jewelry of Zoccai remained strictly handmade and was always unique in their style. Zoccai, as you will also see in its collections when you visit one of the Dubai jewelry stores where its precious jewels can be found, have always loved the huge stones most of the Zoccai ring represent one big stone serving as a centerpiece surrounded by beautiful diamonds. We can get to see here beautiful and colorful bracelets, necklaces, which also quite often represent one large stone as the centre, the beautiful earrings, deliver a distinctive Oriental feeling. The collections are mostly made of yellow gold yet and in order to show respect for the other precious metal. Zoccai represents its silver collection as a diverse one named L&G representing beautiful silver creations with the new trend representing red and rose silver.

Zoccai has always acted as a leader of trends. It is among the very few types of jewelry which sell black gold implemented in its outstanding three Gold ring collections. The brand uses all sorts of beautiful colorful precious and half precious stones just like the Tiger’s Eye, Sapphire, Amethyst, Ruby, Turquoise, Emeralds. The usage of fancy colored diamonds is not the style of Zoccai. The red and rose silver that it uses, makes Sterling silver look very special. Silver has great attributes to be used also in alloys being the shiniest of all precious metals. The usage of interesting metals such as the optical fiber makes the Italian brand so outstanding.

Zoccai as a real Italian brand thinks of the men too. There is a wide collection of men’s rings and even bracelets, not forgetting about the beautiful cufflinks they are selling either. The brand has implemented a great method to capture the attention of all jewelry lovers: they give you the chance to take part in the designing and to choose the colors and metals you like to be included in your jewelry. This is a great time for you to get involved with jewelry designing and decided which colors and style would suit you the most.

Zoccai has been present in the Dubai jewelry market for some years now and it is one unique brand for all the Dubai jewelry lovers to express their personality more with the beautiful items of Zoccai. What is great in Zoccai is that, apart from having jewelry worth several thousand dollars, you are able to find the same great design for even USD 90 if you want to. Dubai jewelry market highly appreciates the two Dubai jewelry stores of Zoccai that can be found in the city.

The Dubai jewelry shops of Zoccai can be found in Al Rigga district of Deira at the Arts Gems store. They can also be found in the Dubai jewelry avenue within the Dubai Mall in the Grand Hall Shop.