Yves Saint Laurent Jewelry Dubai

There are not many of us who would not have heard of the beauty and style of one of the most famous and popular fashion house ever, of the French designer Yves Saint Laurent. Dubai jewelry of Yves Saint Laurent though is also the same famous. Its beautiful jewelry collection perfectly mirrors the colorful and always innovative style of Yves Saint Laurent. Dubai jewelry collections are not only outstanding but also cheaper than anywhere in the world; so, it is really worth looking for some great items for a good deal over here.

As accessories and jewelry has really come into the limelight these years, so most of the fashion brands have decided to make their own brand of jewelry either within their Accessories range or as an alone standing subsidiary of the brand itself. Yves Saint Laurent does not want to make us believe that it cares the most about jewelry right now, but we can find some notable art pieces if we look at their collections. In Dubai, jewelry has its outstanding role, so it is natural that we will get to see all notable brand stores coming out with their Dubai jewelry collections.

Yves Saint Laurent was always famous for wanting to bring something new into the world of fashion. From its most famous ever invention, the tuxedo jacket for women, to the thigh high boots, the safari jacket for men and women, there is always something new and something unexpected about the collections of Yves Saint Laurent. The jewelry collection of Yves Saint Laurent is perfectly in harmony with the outstanding creations of the designer studio. The rich gold items of YSL come with a specific oriental touch to the usage of possibly every sort of stones, gemstones and precious metals with color and great shapes. This sort of Dubai jewelry with the brand name has all the choice to become successful. From the end of Nineties, several designers and designer houses were eager to acquire the YSL brand. Other world famous designers like Gucci or Tom Ford took part in the designing works for the great fashion house. Although the haute couture section of the fashion house no longer exists, under the management of the talented Stefano Pilati, the house could remain among the most illustrious prêt a porter brand on the international fashion market. The Dubai jewelry retailer of Yves Saint Laurent is the huge Al Tayer group, which is the retailer of several Dubai jewelry and fashion brands.

The most illustrious items of the current jewelry collection of Yves Saint Laurent include its outstanding Black Mamba collection, with a very distinctive necklace and a pair of passing earrings. The Black Mamba Hoop earrings deliver a special African feeling to the collection. The stingray texture gold metal bracelet also looks beautifully exotic; the huge Dandy Bangle in gold metal looks also very special.

Yves Saint Laurent brand has altogether four brand shops in Dubai and the jewelry and fashion retailer of the brand is the Al Tayer Group, which takes care of several other great international brands. Yves Saint Laurent does not have its own jewelry stores but you will find a very wide range of accessories in its brand stores which are located in Dubai Mall’s Bloomingdale’s, in the Mall of the Emirates and within the Harvey Nichols department store also within the Mall of the Emirates. Yves Saint Laurent makes one great unique part within Dubai jewelry offers.