Women's Jewelry Dubai

Dubai is world famous for its extensive range of jewelries both on local and international level. With the high profile experience in the making of first class quality jewelry, Dubai is indeed the best place by far to look around for women’s jewelry. There is no international brand, which you would not be able to find over here, and the great, catching designs in women’s jewelry by local and Indian brands will really capture your imagination.

Dubai has been world famous for a long time of its great taste in jewelry of all sorts. The gold trading activity of Dubai has always been the greatest in the Middle Eastern region and still today Dubai jewelers work with best quality gold and gold alloys (colored gold) including the finest diamonds and precious gemstones. If you are staying in Dubai and in the next weeks, you can be prepared to see each jewelry makers to come out with their best collections, designed specifically for the Dubai Jewelry Week, which will be held this year from Nov 10 to November 15. Hereby we represent you with some of the best examples on which jewelries to turn to by putting emphasis on the local brands’ offers.

Gold Women’s jewelry: Gold can be found in the highest variety in Dubai. Of course, every jewelry makers have an extensive collection of gold jewelry; we can emphasis Taiba Jewelry here, which has been always very famous for its high quality gold, Pure Gold, Malabar Gold and Joyalukkas Jewelries are also specialized in the best gold ware in town.

Silver Women’s jewelry: There are several jewelries, which deal with silver jewelry also as silver makes a very important part of jewelry culture and it is the shiniest precious metal. Find great quality silver jewelry at Tanyaz and Kaloti jewelries among many others. Now a big international trend is to color silver making it yellow, pink or rose, which you can also see in some of the international collections. Traditional Arabic jewelries such as Samer Jewelry have extensive silver rings.

Platinum Women’s jewelry: Platinum is the word at a growing number of Dubai jewelries. Platinum is famous for being hard to form; that is also the reason why the price of platinum is a lot bigger than of pure gold. The Pure Gold Jewelry offers the best platinum women’s jewelry and Malabar Gold offers great platinum collections along with the Passion Jewelry the platinum ring collections of which are outstanding.

Diamond Women’s jewelry: Most jewelries deal with fine quality diamonds. Our offer to look around for local diamonds would be to look around in the stores of Dhamani, Pure Gold, Damas and Joyalukkas Jewelries and in the stores of Sky and Passion Jewelries.

Arabic/Islamic Women’s jewelry: One of the finest stores featuring beautiful Arabic and Islamic style jewelry are the stores of Taiba Jewelry and the highly exclusive sets of Devji Aurum containing beautiful plates featuring parts taken from the Holy Koran.

Indian Women’s jewelry: Look around in the stores of Atlas, Malabar Gold and Chungath to see beautiful quality Indian jewelry.

High End jewelry: The highest quality women’s jewelry in Dubai can be found in the stores of Mahallati, Dhamani and Damas Les Exclusives. In the stores of the exclusive Devji Aurum, we can get to see some rare specialties.

As you see, the variety of offers regarding women’s jewelry is close to endless. Other than the mentioned jewelry brands, several other top brands such as Himat, Al Zain, Seddiqi or Al Futtaim have quality collections of women’s jewelry to look at. Dubai is really the paradise of the most beautiful jewelry; do not miss the chance to buy yourself a beautiful memory of your trip in one of the outstanding jeweler stores of Dubai.