Wedding Bands Dubai

When it comes to Dubai jewelry then we know that we will find a great variety of wedding bands and wedding rings. First of all, in order to tell you more about the wedding band variety in Dubai let’s make it clear what wedding bands exactly mean and where can we get beautiful wedding bands in Dubai.

Wedding bands mean the classic wedding rings normally all around the world, but the difference between a ring and a band is more emphasized in the Arabic countries in the Islamic countries and also by the Indian jewelers. A band is a ring but a lot larger mainly also heavier, in size and by means of material it could take two or even three rings. The beautiful wedding bands are specialties of Dubai jewelry makers and you will see here a really breathtaking collection of the most beautiful wedding bands in Dubai jewelry stores. The first and main place to look around when looking for pure gold beautiful wedding bands is the Taiba jewelry, which is one Dubai jewelry maker that still sticks and remains with its Arabic heritage and manufactures beautiful Arabic and Muslim style jewelry for the public. There is a wide variety of wedding bands sold at Taiba jewelry, including the miniature version of Najmat Taiba, which is Taiba,’s biggest and heaviest gold ring in the world; also officially attested and represented in the Guinness Book of World Records. A beautiful range of 21K wedding bands is sold at Taiba Jewelry including also those, which are made up with two rings are called twin rings. Twin rings are long-time specialties of Arabic countries, especially when it comes to wedding. Taiba sells 18K and 21K wedding bands.

Going further, our next stop is in the beautiful Gold and Diamond Park where we get to visit the Passion Jewelry with its outstanding collection of beautiful wedding bands. The wedding bands of Passion jewelry are really outstanding including the western and the Arabic sophistication in one ring which is made of multiple color gold, which makes the rings really outstanding. Stopping by one of the stores of Atlas Jewelry, we will get to find some of the widest collection of traditional Arabic and Indian style beautiful wedding bands. The variety is breath catching and so is the unique wedding bands at Atlas. Other Indian Dubai jewelry makers such as Chungath or Kanz jewelers have extensive collections of wedding jewelry.

Naturally, there are so many other first class Dubai jewelry makers, which sell many high-style wedding bands all around Dubai. When it comes to wedding bands, we would suggest you to start your search in the Gold Souk of Dubai, because the traditional wedding bands are the more beautiful of each one. Check out also the great Dubai jewelry stores of Samra, Damas and Joyalukkas Jewelries that all have first class variety of quality wedding bands. After the Gold Souk head for the Dubai Mall where you can find the second biggest gold souk of Dubai with the international jewelry stores as well.