Tiffany Jewelry Dubai

Tiffany jewelry, mostly mentioned as Tiffany and Co. is among the most prestigious US jewelries and at the same time among the best-preferred international jewelry brands in the world. Tiffany is also the most frequently mentioned jewelry in films and in other forms of literature. Tiffany’s most popular trademark color is called Tiffany Blue a registered palette of blue colors can only be used by Tiffany Jewelry. In Dubai, Tiffany Jewelry’s local retailer is the Damas Jewelry but the stores are mono-brand stores featuring the name of Tiffany solely. The brand is among the most favored international jeweler brands in Dubai.

Tiffany Jewelry is among the oldest jewelries of the United States that could grow and stay world famous. Founded in 1837 as a stationary and fancy goods store, the founders were Charles Lewis Tiffany and his partner Teddy Young, who soon left the business. The first Tiffany was opened under the name Tiffany, Young and Ellis. It took some times for the company to realize that they want to concentrate solely on jewelry and from then on, in 1853, the first Tiffany Jewelry opened and the business was taken over by Charles Tiffany. Interesting to note that the catalogs of Tiffany and Co. are called “the Blue Book“ and this is exactly where Tiffany Blue has come from, which is today a registered trademark of Tiffany Jewelry. The first Blue Book was released in 1845 and ever since, it has been released once a year. Tiffany has been dealing with both gold and silverware still today. Tiffany Jewelry was the first American jeweler brand to be awarded for the fineness of its silverware. Tiffany Jewelry has also created its fame by helping several social and sports groups with the designing of their logo or redesigning medals of Honor issued by the United State state’s governmental bodies.

Tiffany does not only have trademark color but also has its own trademark diamond, called the Tiffany Diamond, featuring a beautiful and big canary yellow diamond in the New York flagship store of Tiffany Jewelry. Over the last century, Tiffany Jewelry had several well-known designers and personalities giving their names for collections and doing some great designs such as Elsa Peretti, Frank Gehry or Paloma Picasso. The brand has currently 105 international stores all around the world and 64 jewelry stores in the United States. According to several statistics, Tiffany Jewelry makes the highest yearly profit among all jewelries in the world. The company also has an E-commerce store, which operates with high success.

Tiffany Jewelry offers currently 18 jewelry collections; gold, silver and diamond jewelry sets, great watches, engagement rings, accessories, such as eyewear, perfume and handbags and very well detailed men’s jewelry collections. The gift site of Tiffany’s is also quite famous. There is no preferred material for Tiffany Jewelry to use, they like both yellow and white gold together with rose gold alloys, they make also platinum jewelry and they use a great variety of different gemstones including diamonds too. Dubai has always been a dream destination for Tiffany, thanks to the famous high demand of Dubai locals for quality jewelry. Therefore, the Dubai franchise of Tiffany has soon set up to open the first Tiffany store of Dubai and the brand has opened its Middle Eastern headquarters in Dubai in 2009. Ever since, they are planning to open more stores all over the region.

In Dubai, you will find Tiffany Jewelry store in the Dubai Mall and there are more stores to come too. Saks Fifth Avenue is one official retailer of Tiffany Jewelry so the chance is high that you will find Tiffany jeweler also in the Saks located in the Dubai Mall.