Taiba Jewelry Dubai

When you want to find the best quality gold jewelry in Dubai, then Taiba Jewelry should be the first place you visit. Taiba jewelry is held by many as the main gold specialist and a couple of years ago due to all its efforts the prominent jewelry has stepped on the pages of world jewelry history.

Taiba Jewelry has been established first in Saudi Arabia, another fan of high style women’s jewelry and from there, it has soon conquered the whole Middle East getting re-established as a Dubai brand, with its main showroom being in Dubai. Taiba owns a long tradition in the world of gold jewelry making and therefore, it sells the most beautiful modern and traditional designs of jewelry. Apart from yellow gold, which dominates Taiba’s collections, you can also find beautiful creations with white gold or even dual gold solutions. Taiba offers its jewelry with much sophistication and with great attention to details. The company has currently two websites, one for the representation and another for the E-commerce of Taiba’s beautiful collections. In case you have a deeper interest in the examination of Taiba jewelry’s offers, we offer you to visit its E-commerce site, which has a great detailed introduction of all sorts of Taiba’s items.

Taiba jewelry offers both oriental and modern jewelry suiting the Intercontinental flavor more. In addition, the brand is among those few, which also offer Islamic pendants for the shoppers. Taiba makes great differentiation between the offering of its 18K and 21K jewelry and even you can choose the style you are looking for. Taiba also offers Hijab style jewelry targeting Muslim women and its Carina collection features Indian Oriental jewelry designs. Its Fancy set offers the most beautiful examples of Arabic style wedding jewelry made out of yellow and white gold featuring great big necklaces and brilliantly decorated sets. Its Najmat ring collection features beautiful Arabic style wedding bands. Apart from these, there is no jewelry that you would not be able to find at Taiba, ranging from rings to anklets. It features a great and extra wide collection of different pendants where you can see beautiful Arabic style pendant sets that feature pendant, earrings and ring in the same style. When you are looking for engagement rings, at Taiba Jewelry you can choose from one stone and side-stone ring. Taiba is among the few, which differentiates wedding bands from wedding rings. Check out the great collection of big Arabic bands featured at Taiba. Taiba is also the only one jewelry, which differentiates Bangle and rings sets from the other sets. Bangle and ring sets represent beautiful Oriental style collections featuring outstanding bangles with matching rings. These collections bear a strong Indian effect. At Taiba, you can see beautiful necklace and chain sets made out of either 18K or 21K gold.

Taiba has stepped into world jewelry history when they have made the largest golden ring (band) in the world also featured in the Guinness Book of World Records. You can see the beautiful huge ring of Taiba featured in the store of Kanz Jewelry in the Dubai Gold Souk. Taiba Jewelry is among the most prominent gold jewelries of Dubai, one store that is a must-see if you are up for buying something really unique and beautiful.