Silver Jewelry Dubai

Silver has been a little bit understated as compared to the career of gold and not many know that gold and silver jewelry is the same old, if silver jewelry not even older. Silver is the shiniest metal of all and has great, exceptional qualities, which make it perfect for jewelry making. Beautiful Sterling Silver is still a high priced jewelry. Silver is also used for making several souvenirs and cutlery. Silver in Dubai has great traditions as the old Bedouins of the desert used silver for making jewelry. In addition, silver plays a more important role as jewelry in the Islamic cultures, where Muslim men are not allowed to wear gold, out of religious reasons.

In Dubai, most jewelry stores deal with silver jewelry as well and there is a few which are specialized in rather silver jewelry. In case, you would like to buy some of the beautiful Bedouin and Arabic traditional jewelry, visit the Dubai Gold Souk in Deira and if you feel like having a more authentic experience during silver jewelry purchase, then do not miss the Bedouin Village, where all sorts of beautiful desert handicrafts are sold. Silver goes very well with lots of great gemstones too. It is also important to note that the presence of white gold, platinum and palladium, all being silver lookalikes in a way push silver a little bit in the shadows. Yet do not miss the chance to get to know some of the great silver jewelry makers of Dubai:

Tanyaz Jewelry:
Tanyaz is specialized in Arabic style silver jewelry. Among its collection, we can find all sorts of beautiful bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Tanyaz jewelry uses a great variety of colored gemstones and semi-precious stones for their jewelry. If you see lots of Turqoise in Dubai the reason is, Turqoise is Allah’s most favored color according to the Holy Koran.

Kaloti Jewelry
Kaloti is an Indian jewelry group being among the biggest jewelry groups in Dubai. Kaloti offers various beautiful collections of all sorts of silver jewelry. The brand deals with mainly wholesale of jewelry but it has also several stores in downtown Dubai and in the Gold Souk too.

Chungath Jewelry
This Indian jewelry brand is among the best in silver jewelry offering sophisticated collection of all sorts of silver jewelry. Find Chungath Jewelry in the Karama Centre in the Karama district.

Himat Jewelers
Another famous specialist of all sorts of silver jewelry Himat Jewelers can be found in various shopping centers and in the Dubai Gold Souk as well.

Find the some of the most beautiful Arabic tribal designs in the store of Azza Fahmi, which you can find in the Debenhams located within the Dubai Mall.

However, these are just a few examples on jewelry stores that concentrate more on silver jewelry. In order to find the most extensive silver jewelry collections, do not hesitate to look around in the Dubai Mall. Another promising place is the Dubai Mall and the Wafi Mall, both of which having an extra wide selection of local and international stores. For tribal silver jewelry, check out the souks and the Souk Madinat and the Meena Bazaar too, all of which are located in the centre of Dubai.