Personalized Jewelry Dubai

Although in Dubai the authentic way of selling jewelry is still common, more and more big international Dubai jewelry stores offer customers the chance to design their own jewelry on different levels. Let us see now which Dubai jewelry offer personalized jewelry in their shops or on their websites along with the designing program.

Personalized jewelry is one of the biggest new trends in the jewelry industry. With this new chance, the jewelry stores can create a new stronger bong between the shopper and the jeweler and there will be no more “It’s not that I want” exclamations on behalf of the costumers. On the international level, there are a growing number of jewelries, which have already adapted this custom of making personalized jewelry and even including a jewelry-planning program on their websites for offering this little motivation for the potential customers to be captured by the beauty of jewelry, which they plan for themselves.

Of course, personalized jewelry has existed even before, but for mostly those who were already main customers of a jewelry shop or for those who wanted to have their rings’ size changed because of them being too small and too little. But in the old days the difficulty of asking for personalized jewelry was, that without seeing the actual outcome well before the birth of the jewelry itself which often resulted in misunderstandings and not getting quite the jewelry you wanted. Today’s personalized jewelry planning programs deal with multiple aspects in connection with the planning of the jewelry ranging from the color of the ring and the color and type of stone used, other programs give you chance also to choose the form and cut of the stone, the number size of stones and the form of the jewel too. In Dubai there is still not that much chance to get to personalized jewelry but the best chances you can get in the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park where those Dubai jewelry sellers sear which have their workshops also in the complex. Here the shops are more likely to make personalized jewelry than anywhere else in Dubai is. The other great site for having personalized jewelry is the Gold Souk, where dealers will adapt to your request though manually.

The two current stores that give place for personalized jewelry are of Boucheron having great virtual program where you can customize the colors of two rings. This way choosing the gemstones that you like to be included is easy; the other shop is the Zoccai which is a great innovative shop selling a huge variety of jewelry and stones and you can choose the color and the metal in which you would prefer to see the jewelry. Whichever you choose you can order it online and you can take it from the Dubai store.

Personalized jewelry has a great future in Dubai jewelry making though which can create a stronger contact between the sellers and the customers and as it seems in the recent years it will get adapted on the some of the Dubai jewelry brands’ sites. So, until then, you can ask for your personalized jewelry personally in the Dubai Jewelry stores.