Pearl Jewelry Dubai

Pearl has always been a specialty of Dubai. In the old days, Dubai first earned its reputation with its fine quality pearls, which unfortunately do not exist anymore in the Persian Gulf. However, Dubai still preserves its pearl diving culture and puts emphasis on bringing back its importance in pearl jewelry trading. You will see all sorts of different and beautiful pearl jewelry in Dubai. Let us represent you with a couple of the best pearl jewelry stores in Dubai.

The biggest importer of pearls to Dubai is definitely Japan. If you look around in the diverse pearl collections represented by the best Dubai jewelry brands, you will mostly meet Japanese pearls. These pearls really represent in the highest quality art of jewelry.

First, almost every jewelry shops have their own assortment of pearl jewelry. Damas Jewelry offers expensive and unique Mikimoto Pearls collection, which represents South Sea Pearls, Freshwater and black South Sea Pearls. Pearl looks its best in Mikimoto’s collections featuring beautiful rings, pearl bracelets and pearl necklaces. The collection of Joyalukkas contains great pearl jewelry featuring Masaaki pearls in diverse colors out of which the pinkish pearl and the green-black pearl jewelry is the most outstanding. In the collection of Joyalukkas, you will see beautiful rings, bracelets, string necklaces and earrings too.

The Indian Atlas Jewelry also offers great pieces of pearl jewelry featuring the Japanese pearl collection called Kimono. This collection features unique looking pearl items, ranging from rings to earrings, especially preferring the natural white and black colors of pearls. The style of Kimono is elegantly laidback.

Pure Gold Jewelers, which are among the best quality jewelers in Dubai feature wonderful pearl jewelry in their Oystra collection featuring the alone, standing Tahiti Black Pearl, Akoya, Freshwater and the South Sea pearls. In this way perhaps, their collection contains the most beautifully outstanding pearl items in Dubai. Oystra collection features great pearl rings, necklaces and surrounds it beautiful pearls with diamonds and other colored gemstones.

As we will see, today the trendiest representation of pearl jewelry prefers white gold, platinum or even silver. It is amazing to see though how different pearl jewelry looks like when being represented in different sorts of metals.

If you would like to get even closer to the different types of pearl jewelry and the different stores selling them, pay a visit to the unique Dubai Gold Souk containing over 300 stores exclusively dealing with all sorts of jewelry.

Of course, not only local brands offer beautiful pearl jewelry. Look around in the stores of Tiffany and Co, Chopard, Cartier, Cacharel, Graff or Mouawad, you will be amazed how different can pearl be emphasized in jewelry. Visit Debenhams, Bloomingdale’s and Saks Fifth Avenue, each one offering great collections containing pearls. Dubai offers first class variety of diverse pearl jewelry and if you have pearls on your mind, then it is Dubai to come to, to see them in the widest variety.