Pandora Jewelry Dubai

Pandora Jewelry represents a new concept in jewelry trading and design. Being well known all around the world for its quality pieces, Pandora Jewelry has a huge market in Dubai where the demand for Dubai jewelry is continuously present. Pandora this way represents a colorful part of the world of Dubai jewelry.

Pandora Jewelry was founded in Denmark back in 1982 as a new concept of united designer who have found that the prices and quality of other jewelry brands are not always in synchrony and this way, with their most competitive market strategy, product quality and prices they have a good future in the world of jewelry. With their currently six ongoing collections Pandora Jewelry has become one of the best recognized mid category brands with stores all around the world in already 55 countries. Pandora Jewelry has 10.000 stores through local retails and another 500 concept stores. The biggest part of production is executed in Thailand’s Gemopolis where the hub of Pandora’s operational activities can be found. Pandora Jewelry has the mission to become the world’s most popular jewelry brand. In Dubai jewelry brands so innovative as this are extremely popular.

The unique thing about Pandora Jewelry is, that they give you the chance to take part in the designing of your future jewelry and watches so many collection has been built on this idea to let the consumer create alone, this ways personalizing the jeweler in a great manner. The collections, which have combinable pieces, have been specifically made in such way so that you can vary each piece with the other. Dubai jewelry is so multicolored that it has welcome Pandora jewelry as an innovative jewelry brand entirely-

Let’s say a few words on the collections of Pandora Jewelry:

Moments: Moments is a great collection, perhaps the best and most special of Pandora Jewellery. The Moments collection consists of all sorts of bracelet with their band and the charms separately so everyone can choose their favorite pieces that are mostly made of gold of all colors, silver, even pearl and gemstones.

Stories: The Stories is a silver based collection consisting of silver or white gold necklace, earrings and bracelets containing one motive of charm decoration on each piece.

Compose: The Compose is a beautiful earring collection in which you get the base, which is either of gold or of silver and then you can get the charm separately which is interchangeable and variable.

Liquid Silver: This is a great collection of silver bands, which look the best when you wear at least ten of them together.

Lovepods: Inspired by the natural forms of seedpods these great pieces are made out of white, yellow or rose gold with hand applied gemstones in each pod. It is one beautiful collection.

Ring upon Ring: This collection gives you the chance to use your own imagination when varying all the thin rings to create one beautiful and trendy ring. There are so many variations and beautiful forms, which will make it hard to choose.

Black Crown diamond watches: This is the watch brand of Pandora jewelry and has interchangeable wristbands and other variable features.

New necklace concept: This collection contains beautiful silver, gold and white gold necklaces in outstanding forms and shapes.

The Dubai Jewelry store of Pandora opened in 2008 in the Mirdif and the second Dubai jewelry store of Pandora soon followed it soon with the opening of other 3 stores. Today, its shops can also be found in the Deira City Centre, in the Marina Mall of the Dubai Marina, in the Dubai Festival City and in the Cara Jewelers too. The Dubai jewelry stores of Pandora offer the best collections, which are always updates.

The Dubai jewellery retailer of Pandora Jewellers is the Panmeas Jewelry. The Dubai success of Pandora jewellery tells exactly that the jewellery brand really sells great quality and unique items. Dubai jewellery prices are among the best in the world, so it is really worth shopping here.