Dubai Jewelry Necklaces

Necklaces had been always the pieces where a designer can bring out the very best of him or herself. The necklace offers a wide space for imagination on many levels and can be very rich in material. Necklaces are those jewelry which are noticed the first; so, they can act as a self-description or as an exclamation. Over the years, we have seen several types of necklaces being fashionable on the international jewelry market. So let see now some great examples of which type of necklaces to get where in Dubai. Dubai is multicolored also in its jewelry culture and from the deep oriental to the most western sorts of necklaces we can find everything here that a necklace can offer us.

Necklaces with pendants: The first type of necklace is the classical model which most women wear nowadays, the one, which is a two-piece item containing a necklace, and one or more pendants. The pendants are great to wear on a necklace and here we have the choice to choose which type of pendant we would like to wear every day. At Dubai jewelry makers such as Samra or Taiba jewelries, we tend to find many beautiful pendants. Samra Jewelry is the Dubai jewelry, which sells the highest rate of diamonds; it offers a wide variety of pendants for its necklaces. Samra jewelry has a discreet, sophisticated style that seems in all of its four collections. Taiba jewelry on the other hand is the Dubai jewelry, which offers some of the best quality gold jewelry. Taiba jewelry belongs to the more traditional Arabic jewelries offering several sorts of pendants, being among those few Dubai jewelry makers, which offer beautifully chiseled Islamic pendants and Hijab style pendants too. The Indian Pure Gold Jewelers also offer beautiful gold, diamond and other gemstone pendants including children’s pendants in its multiple collections.

Classic necklaces: Classic necklaces are those which include the decoration part too and are most commonly seen as more special types of jewelry that are worn on specific occasions. The most beautiful necklace sets of this type we can find at Damas Jewelry, which is also the biggest Dubai jewelry brand having almost twenty different collections. On the other hand, the beautiful necklace sets of Joyalukkas cannot leave us without words too.

Oriental Arabic necklaces and sets: Some of the most beautiful Arabic style necklaces are offered in the stores of the Bahraini origin Devji Aurum stores. Here you can see the most special beautiful necklaces, many of them also containing elements from the Holy Koran. With the best materials, this jewelry really stands out of the crowd. The Arabic collections of Damas Jewelry like the Farfasha or the Farha collections are notable too.

Oriental Indian necklaces: We can find some of the most beautiful Indian necklaces in the new Diwali celebration collection of Damas Jewelry. It really has an outstanding collection that amazes us with its sheer beauty. In the stores of Malabar Gold and Chungath Jewelry, we can also get to see the beauty of ancient Indian jewelry making. Do not miss to see the beautiful chain and Mangalsutra necklaces of India.

These were only some of the main examples out of the several types of beautiful necklaces that are popular in Dubai. The Dubai jewelry industry prefers to see the necklaces in sets; so this way, you can save money and get beautiful sets of necklaces with additional rings and earrings.