Navrang Jewelers Dubai

Navrang Jewelers is one of the successful Dubai jewelry businesses, running for more than thirty years. It could establish a good name for itself. The beautiful jewels of Navrang Jewelers now are also sold online, so you can look at their quite high variety of Dubai jewelry also online next to visiting its flagship store in Dubai’s always-busy gold centre, the Deira Gold Souk. Pay a visit to this jewelry if you would like to see a real traditional Dubai Indian jewelry store that keeps up with today’s requirements.

Navrang Jewelry has been on the market for a long time, originally started their business in Bahrain from where they moved to Dubai sending bigger business opportunities there. The Navrang Jewelers’ Dubai jewelry business was set up bys Mr. Kantilal P. Waya. Today it led by his son Mr. Heemansu Waya who was also the one seeing the movement of all markets on the internet in this decade. Therefore, he decided to do the same and opened eNavrang site where everyone can see the delicate jewelry and collections of Navrang.

Navrang Jewelers offers all sorts of Dubai jewelry in all price categories. The secret of Navrang Jewelry lies in the quality of materials and the workers’ dedication to overdo the standards. In the offer of Navrang, we can choose items according to their material, which can be white or yellow gold, white and yellow gold. Among the precious gemstones they use, they mainly differentiate diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds and cultured pearls. Among the type of jewelry they offer, we can differentiate their beautiful collection of rings, which also includes their diamond solitaires, the wedding and cocktail rings, the engagement rings and wedding bands. In addition, Navrang Jewelry offers various types of earrings with the inclusion of studs representing the smallest version earrings. The bracelet, pendant and necklace collections of Navrang are also quite notable. We can see that the primarily used stoned here are diamonds, being the most popular stones in Dubai and they offer you some useful information about jewelry care too. The colorful offer of Navrang Jewelers is really worth seeing in person. In addition, among the Dubai jewelry makers Navrang counts as a cheaper jewelry store.

In the Learning Centre on the website of Navrang Jewelers, you can get to learn a lot about both diamonds and pearls. The Dubai jewelry brand is proud of their great pearl collection using cultured and freshwater pearls only. You can also set your price preferences under 1000 USD between 1 and 2 thousand USD and over 2000 USD. On the site of Navrang, you can also get to see some great collections of gift ideas primarily targeting anniversaries, weddings and engagements. Navrang Jewelers deal with deliveries worldwide with the delivering of FedEx. Of course, Navrang gives a certificate along with all their precious gemstone Dubai jewelry.

Next to having their main showroom in the Gold Souk featuring beautiful Dubai jewelry, you can also find Navrang Jewelers present in the Mall of the Emirates too. Although you can choose your beloved items also on the website, the experience of buying a beautiful jeweler in person is worth so much more.