Luxury Jewelry Dubai

There is no way that you would not run into any luxury jewelry stores in Dubai once you are walking in the city. The luxury jewelry stores in Dubai are famous for their quality and for their extremely wide variety that will give you hard times when it comes to choosing which jewelry brand to choose.

Buying luxury jewelry in Dubai is among the main hobbies of both locals and all the tourists that come to visit this great city. This has more reasons: one reason is that the quality if jewelry is high in Dubai, being in control by the DMCC, they only let those stores to run on a higher level, which comply with the overall and general quality requirements. Dubai has long been one of the main gold traders in the Middle Eastern region and its diamond and gemstone-trading industry is developing year by year; so, currently Dubai is in the best position to become the hub of international jewelry trading. The other great weapon of Dubai is its tax-free possibilities, which are great for the national, the international companies that deal with jewelry making and trading in a manner, which saves them money and makes the customers happy at the same time. The selling rate of luxury jewelry in Dubai is one of the best in the whole world. Getting quality jewelry for such discounts, which thanks to being tax-free, Dubai can offer is unbeatable.

The yearly held Dubai International Jewelry Week has also the purpose to promote luxury jewelry in Dubai and to enable the main jewelry traders to meet more and more promising jewelry makers on the international jewelry market. Other great promoter of luxury jewelry in Dubai is the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park, a unique complex that has the main purpose to let jewelries to trade, make and manage their jewelry in the same place therefore saving a lot of money and energy this way. This is really an alone standing project which has a great success among the makers and distributors of luxury jewelry in Dubai and therefore it already houses around fifty different jewelry brands the stores of which you will be able to see in the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park’s Visitor Centre.

Luxury jewelry in Dubai is sold in many other places too. The main place and hub of all jewelry trading of Dubai can be found in Dubai’s Deira in the Dubai Gold Souk. The Gold Souk is a very important part of the city, containing three hundred jewelry stores, which also include the biggest local brands of Dubai and it has an extreme success in the circle of both tourists and locals. Dubai locals love to buy jewelry and thanks to the competitive markets, all sorts’ budgets can get great quality and luxury jewelry in Dubai. The other great place to look around is Dubai’s biggest covered gold souk that can be found in the Dubai Mall.

As you can see, buying great quality luxury jewelry in Dubai is one of the best choices. Look around for luxury jewelry in Dubai especially in the summer, when during the Dubai Summer Surprises, there are even more discounts also on jewelry.