Lanvin Jewelry Dubai

Lanvin is one of the oldest and most famous fashion brands of France. As Lanvin mainly specialises in selling fashion items and accessories, many do not know that they also have a very nice jewellery collection, which they are also offering on their great E-store. Look up the beautiful forget-me-not blue stores of Lanvin while you are looking for Dubai jewellery. As Dubai loves the great quality brands, Dubai jewellery industry is booming.

The Dubai jewellery trading life is among the biggest in the world. If we talk about Dubai jewellery is automatically coming to our mind, knowing the local people’s love for quality pieces of jewellery for both men and women. Dubai is the huge meeting place of the intercultural jewellery making and trading. The variety is the highest by means of local jewellery being among the most popular in the Middle East and by all means Dubai is on the first place in gold trading soon to be followed by diamond and gemstone trading too. No wonder that there is no international brand; let it be about fashion or jewellery, which did not have its brand store in Dubai. You can see the best Dubai jewellery brands in the world when walking in the huge Dubai Mall, the world’s biggest ever-shopping centre.

The fashion house of Lanvin has an interesting history, being among the oldest and biggest fashion brands in the whole world. Mme Lanvin founded it in the very beginning of the 18th century thanks to the beautiful little clothes she was sewing for her daughter who has remained her main inspiration all along. The Lanvin brand was sold to several banks and corporations, even the huge L’Oreal Company. It’ last and current owner is a Taiwanese private businessperson under whose leadership Lanvin started its new golden age. Lanvin’s trademark colour the forget-me-not used to be the favourite colour of the founder Mme. Lanvin was brought back some years ago and ever since its been used all over the Lanvin stores in the world. In Dubai, jewellery fans are now able to find some of the most unique style Lanvin is representing.

Lanvin has several outlets all around the world some of its shops are only selling women’s items and accessories. Lanvin doesn’t have a big jewellery trading activity they have recently came out with their notable jewellery collection and stick to them with some updates included. The most notable Lanvin store in Dubai is located in the Dubai Mall selling men and women wear together with accessories and the jewellery collection.

The small but notable Dubai jewellery collection of Lanvin contains beautifully chiselled jewellery with the usage of several colourful gemstones also, not sticking with one or two materials only. The jewellery of Lanvin is really reminding us of the contemporary 1920’s -1930’s style with all their elegance and beauty. It is really worth looking at Lanvin’s jewellery collections.

Lanvin’s Dubai jewellery stores are to be found in the Emirates Towers Boulevard (Accessories mainly) and in the Dubai Mall which is their flagship store as well. Dubai jewellery is welcoming all the unique style of Lanvin.