Ladies Jewelry Dubai

Ladies jewelry is the main segment of jewelry industry and trading in Dubai. This has several reasons; starting from all the women’s endless love for beautiful jewelry and ending with the fact that in Dubai it is the women and non-Muslims who are allowed to wear gold, because of the Muslim code stated by Allah in the Holy Koran. See all the beautiful ladies’ jewelry sold in great varieties by hundreds of local and international jewelry brands all over the “City of Gold” Dubai.

Of course, it is not accidental that Dubai is called the City of Gold and the Pearls of the Gulf. Over the centuries, Dubai took part in the international gold trading of the area with huge forces aiming to become the hub of gold trading in the Middle East. Ladies’ jewelry plays a very important and vital part of international jewelry trading; as it is, the women who wear the most jewelry, sometimes even in eccentric numbers. Dubai could build out a huge market consisting of hundreds of jewelry stores mainly specialized in the most beautiful quality Ladies’ jewelry and today, you can spend weeks in Dubai if you want to look into all the Dubai jewelry stores. Local and international jewelry traders have their seats in Dubai and there is no good brand, which would not have at least one shop in Dubai. Hereby we introduce you with the basic variety of Ladies’ Jewelry of some of the biggest and most important jewelry brands of Dubai:

Damas Ladies Jewelry
Damas is undisputedly the biggest jewelry brand of Dubai. Having almost twenty diverse collections consisting of its own brands, out of which you will find 13 different brands selling all different types of quality jewelry ranging from international to oriental style collections. The ten different international collections offer some of the best quality jewelry for the women. Look around in all the three sorts of Damas stores, they can be found in each shopping mall and in the Gold Souk.

Pure Gold Ladies Jewelry
With its fourteen different collections and its extensive range of precious materials they use, Pure Gold is today one of the most considerable jewelry brands of Indian origin. The jewelry brand has extensive and colorful collections that totally differ from each other.

Joyalukkas Ladies Jewelry
This is a great brand having extensive collections and been awarded several times by the best national and international awards regarding the high quality of both its jewelry and its customer care. Joyalukkas is one of the biggest Indian jewelry brands in both Dubai and in India too. The pearl collection of Joyalukkas is notable too, besides their high quality diamond and gold jewelry.

Atlas Ladies Jewelry
This Indian jewelry shows you some of the finest example on the beauty of both Indian, Arabic and Turkish style jewelry. Its collection diversifies its gold, diamond, pearl and colored gemstone jewelry in its six different collections.

These are some examples of the several top women’s jewelry offers of Dubai jewelries. Here, you can be sure to find the best quality for the best price. In case, you would like to see the Ladies’ collection of international jewelers, first head to the Dubai Mall.