Joyalukkas Jewelry Dubai

Joyalukkas Jewelry often referred to in Arabic style as "Al Alukkas" jewelry in which name it is also known all around the United Arab Emirates. Joyalukkas is among the most successful Dubai jewelries of today’s jewelry industry. They offer wide collections of all sorts of fine jewelry and has been awarded as the best quality jewelry of Dubai several times.

Founded and still led by the Indian Joy Alukkas, the story of the jewelry group is a real success story. Joy Alukkas followed the footsteps of his father Varghese who was a jewelry maker in India. In 1987 upon travelling to Dubai and going around the United Arab Emirates, Alukkas saw that Dubai would mean the key to his success as it needed uncompromised high style and quality jewelry. He saw the untapped opportunity and came to the decision to enrich and add an extra to the actual jewelry offer of Dubai and the whole UAE. In 1987, he opened his first jewelry store in Abu Dhabi, soon followed by stores in Dubai, Sharjah and Al Ain among many others. His stores have always been on the name Joyalukkas Jewelry that has had an almost immediate success. Using the finest quality Indian gold and gemstones, Joyalukkas Jewelry soon became one of the most prominent jewelry companies of Dubai. Joy Alukkas has always put the customer’s flavor and customer service on the first place and still has the main target of having always satisfied customers and he offers his beautiful golden jewelry collections accordingly.

Joy Alukkas was the first jewelry in Dubai, which has implemented the Wedding Corner in its jewelry stores. This means a separate place dedicated solely for the representation of various collections of beautiful wedding jewelry. Joyalukkas was also the very first Dubai jewelry to have the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications ensuring the selling of the highest quality jewelry in every aspects. The first Dubai Quality Award under trading category had been awarded to Joyalukkas Jewelry by the Sheikh of Dubai, Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Joy Alukkas is also famous for implementing its SCR model targeting Social Cultural Responsibility, which also witnesses the rich charity work of Joyalukkas who was there to help the flood victims of India several times.

Joyalukkas has recently opened the world’s largest showroom and the very first “Diamond Cave“ located in Chennai, India and has been held as the hub of jewelry trading. Joyalukkas therefore has both feet on the ground, one being in India and the other in Dubai. Joyalukkas has its showrooms all over the Middle East and recently opened its first showroom in the United Kingdom with the intention of creating a European customer base too. Joyalukkas offers beautiful jewelry collections based on diamond, pearls and gold. Its collections are very sophisticated suiting all sorts of flavors, with the Indian heritage showing in many of its models. They offer the collections in sets, which mostly means necklace with earrings. The pearl collection of Joyalukkas is quite notable, offering the finest quality Masaaki pearl jewelry.

Joyalukkas has 12 stores mainly concentrated on the Deira Gold Souk, where its main shop can also be found. Joyalukkas Jewelry has also have a contract with the Lulu Hypermarkets, therefore you can find their quality jewelry stores in all the Lulu’s in Dubai.