Dubai Jewelry

Dubai is the Middle Eastern centre of all sorts of jewelry. Therefore, Dubai jewelry is famous to be colorful, to be sold in huge variety, made of gold and silver coming from the best quality mines and same goes for the gemstones as well. Dubai Jewelry is a must see because currently it makes the biggest income for Dubai as a commodity.

Dubai jewelry is world famous for their quality gold manufacturing and for their great designs in jewelry making. Dubai in real is the place where Europe meets Asia through the wonderful Arabic world. There is no type of jewelry, which you would not find in Dubai made of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium or even copper not taking all the different gold alloys that are used for making great quality 18K colored gold. Dubai has been dealing with gold and trades with jewelry made with either the famous Dubai pearl or made out of gold and all those gemstones which they could get hold of those times. We all know about the beauty of Arabic handicrafts, no matter it are about textile, pottery or metal craftwork. All the Dubai made copper goods, plates, tables, shisha-tables, and tea sets are sold with great success because of their classic beauty which only Arabic artisans are able to create. Arabic jewelry is also one of a kind and within the Middle East its Dubai jewelry that gained the biggest name. First Dubai has been the centre of jewel making long ago. Most of the biggest jewelries like Damas, Joyalukkas, Dhamani, Pure Gold Jewelers and Taiba Jewelry are all originated from Syria, India and even Saudi Arabia. Of course, today, they all considered as Dubai jewelries that much as many of them even were awarded by the Sheikh of Dubai, for their quality work and great work, which they do for Dubai this way. It is the Indian Dhamani, which got the exclusive right to create and to be the only one Dubai jewelry, which makes the famous Dubai cut diamonds too. Joyalukkas Jewellery is going so great with its quality services that it has been awarded even twice by the Dubai quality awards and the Pure Gold Jewelers has been growing so quickly that as of today, they also have a construction and an accessory subsidiary in Dubai.

Of course that doesn’t mean that Dubai jewelry is not held by Dubai locals. The huge Al Futtaim Group also has its jewelry range, Bin Hendi deals with quality watches and jewelry, Ahmed Seddiqi and Sons has managed to get the right to sell the most ever expensive and most exclusive watches brands in the world out of which many are considered also Dubai jewelry.

In real all these jewelries, which could earn name for themselves in Dubai with their success and quality works are all considered Dubai jewelry brands all the same. If you are looking for the biggest varieties of Dubai Jewelry, visit the stores of Damas and Pure Gold Jewellers. The Damas Jewelry offers about 30 different collections, part of which are imported made and designed by international jewelry makers and the other part of their collections are art works of local jewelry makers. Find the best quality Dubai jewelry stores in the Deira Gold souk and in the Dubai Mall, which also has a great Gold Souk inside the building.