Dubai Jewelry Stores

There are plenty of jewelry stores in Dubai, which could be called the best, the biggest the finest quality jewelry store of all. However, the selection is so big, such as the varieties of jewelry sold at Dubai jewelries.

Needless to say, that the trendiest jewelry stores of Dubai are those, which offer international jewelry from all around the world. There are three main jewelry store groups, which deal with the highest number of international and local jewelry collections: the Damas Jewelry Group, the Pure Gold Jewelry Group and the Levant Jewelry. These jewelry store groups offer more than 10 different international jewelry collections with Damas offering more than ten great jewelry collections of local manufacturers.

The jewelry store groups with the highest number of stores in Dubai are Damas and Pure Gold Jewelries. One other elite group dealing with the highest quality international jewelry is the Ahmed Seddiqi and Sons but they deal solely with the highest-class watches brands. Jewelry store groups that offer mixed brands of different jewelry collections, sometimes-even watches are the Rivoli Group and the Paris Gallery, with the Rivoli having specialized stores, which sell solely watches or accessories. Currently, the most dynamically growing jewelry store group in Dubai is the Pure Gold Jewelers led by Indians and offer thirteen collections made out of the best quality, gold, Sterling Silver, platinum and colored gold alloys. Pure Gold Group is growing so dynamically that they have also opened their subsidiary dealing with real estates.

The biggest jewelry store group is the Damas Jewelry. Damas has a unique selling strategy by setting up three kinds of stores offering diverse collections for different price ranges. The "Les Exclusives" offer the highest class and most expensive collections, the Damas "Semi Exclusives" stores offer different quality of jewelry for a better price. The Damas 21K stores offer the most economically prices collections for those who cannot afford the sky-high prices diamonds but still want a classy item or a set.

Other big brands of jewelry stores include Dhamani Jewelry, which has the exclusive right to manufacture selling the Dubai cut diamond jewelries in Dubai. The Al Futtaim Jewelry, being the subsidiary of the huge Al Futtaim group which has its hands in most industries in Dubai, the Kaloti Jewelry, which is also a wholesaler and the one which also deals with bullions and gold coins.

You can find the highest quality jewelry store-brands in Dubai. The De Beers the Garrard and Co., the Cartier, the Chopard, the Graff Diamonds all offer fantastic jewelry not to mention the designer jewelry stores such as Bvlgari, Versace, Chanel, Dior or Armani jewelries. Dubai is really worth visiting because it is the only place in the world where you can see all the biggest names in gold, diamond and jewelry industry.

Visit the fantastic varieties of the Dubai jewelry stores while you are staying in this great city. This city has got its nickname "the City of Gold" for the right reasons. The most popular jewelry finding places include the Dubai Gold Souk in Deira and the Dubai Mall where you can find the biggest covered Gold Souk. Do not forget to visit Meena Bazaar and the Wafi Mall, which are also offering all sorts, types of jewelry stores in Dubai.