Dubai Jewelry Shops

Dubai is really the land of jewelry. There is no type or sort of jewelry, which you would not find over here ranging from the most elegant Western to Arabic tribal or Indian exotic jewelry. If you are fan of jewelry shops, you will feel more than home in Dubai, because there are not as many jewelry shops anywhere in the world as in Dubai.

The range of jewelry shops is extremely big in this great Middle Eastern city, which is really the mole of all sorts of different cultures. Dubai has been putting great emphasis on its jewelry trading business and activity and ever since the whole gold, silver and gemstone trading is centralized under the leadership of one, governmentally appointed company, the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, the jewelry trading of Dubai has been growing both in quantity and in quality. Next to the great local jewelers, the most prestigious international jewelry shops have opened their shops over here, in order to give chance for the huge number of tourists and the growing number of locals eager to buy quality jewelry, to choose really from the best ever variety of international assortments.

Hereby, we will try to give you a clue on where to look for some basic types of jewelry. However, in real, the whole jewelry trading of Dubai is concentrated in the Dubai Gold Souk, the Middle Eastern hub of all sorts of jewelry trading with more than three hundred jewelry shops of different kinds that makes it practically impossible for you not to find what you are looking for, or even something better.

Gold jewelry shops:
You can find the gold jewelry shops in the highest numbers in Dubai. Let yourself get lost in the Gold Souk, where you will see so much gold that it will eventually hurt your eyes in a good way and for sure, you will not be able to resist the temptation to buy something for yourself or for your family members too. The most prominent gold shops of Dubai are the Taiba Jewelry, the Joyalukkas Jewelry, the Damas and the Pure Gold Jewelers, which await their customers with the biggest and most colorful collections of all sorts of gold jewelry.

Diamond jewelry shops:
If you are looking for diamonds then the best places for you to look for them are the Dhamani Jewels where you can even see the great and unique Dubai Cut diamonds. Continue your quest by visiting the shop of Samra Jewelry in the Mall of the Emirates and by the visiting of Pure Gold Jewelery, which have several best quality diamond collections in Dubai.

Jewelry shops with the biggest variety of jewelry:
The biggest ever variety of jewelry you will find in the shops of Damas Jewelry ( both in the Les Exclusives and the Semi-Exclusive shops) which offer you around thirty different collections of both international and local jewelry. After Damas the next shop chain in line is the Pure Gold Jewelers which have about 15 extensive collections, all of them being made out of the finest quality materials and gemstones.

Arabic and Bedouin oriental jewelry shops:
You can find the finest examples of fine Arabic style jeweler in the shops of Damas, Les Exclusives and in the shops of JH Jewelers among many others. If you look around in the Dubai Gold Souk, there are plenty of quality shops not enlisted on the internet yet still sell great quality Arabic or Bedouin tribal jewelry. Bedouin tribal jewelry is mostly made of silver. You can find fine examples on tribal jewelry in the Gold Souk.

Indian oriental jewelry shops:
The finest Indian oriental jewelry you can find in the Meena Bazaar where you will find the Meena Jewelers who will show you the most eye-catching examples of traditional Indian first class jewelry. Do not miss this chance, Indian Jewelry is superb and contains the unique designs and decorations.

Best international jewelry shops:
Here you can find the best ever-international jewelry shops, such as Cartier, Chopard, Garrard and Co, Graff, Bvlgari, Tiffany and Co. and we could go on. One tour in the Dubai Mall is enough to explore all these great shops.

As you see, the variety of jewelry shops in Dubai is almost limitless. The great thing in Dubai jewelry shops is, that they are cheaper as at any other places and most of them, you will not find in Europe or in the United States, so if you buy jewelry in Dubai, for sure it will be something unique. Even if you are not planning to buy jewelry, do not miss the chance to visit some of these first class stores while you are staying in Dubai.