Dubai Jewelry Design

This great Middle Eastern city also called the City of Gold gives home to some of the best jewelry makers in the world. Dubai has hundreds of jewelry stores representing all sorts of beautiful gold, silver, platinum jewelry of the best quality. Learning jewelry making and jewelry design here can open doors for you to the best jewelry shops. Let us find out what sorts of jewelry designs you can find in Dubai.

Of course, we would not tell you any novelty if we just stated that in Dubai there are many sorts of jewelry designs and way of making beautiful jewelry. One part of the gold and silver jewelry is exported in Dubai and sold by the Dubai retailers of that brand. Other sorts of jewelry are made by local designers in different styles. One style follows the normal Western or intercontinental flavor which prefers wearable jewelry which is considered small, considering the Arabic or Indian huge jewelry. Of course, there are plenty of fans of big and oriental style jewelry everywhere in the world. Also the bigger the jewelry, the most decorations it can bear, including a lot more material, a lot more gemstones too.

Arabic style jewelry is of course quite in fashion in Dubai. The highest brands of jewelry have their own collections containing great and indeed big gold jewelry of traditional forms. Some types of this jewelry are indeed heavy as gold is a relatively heavy metal. Yes, they look beautiful and if you get the chance to go to Dubai, do not miss to go and look around in the jewelry stores offering beautiful collections of oriental jewelry designs.

Another great example for outstanding jewelry design is the traditional Indian jewelry. Indian jewelry is the oldest gold jewelry in the world. The Indian jewelry has always had key importance for women. Indians are making jewelry to decorate a woman practically from head to toe. Their jewelries are big, sometimes even bigger and they are so colorful and so beautiful that you really should not miss the chance when you are in Dubai, to look into some of the great Indian jewelry stores, which offer Indian jewelry designs. Indian jewelry might not be entirely practical to wear, but for sure, you will find some great rings, bracelets, kadas that you can wear also at home.

Western or Continental jewelry is much used to the laidback size and forms; however, this does not mean they are worse than any oriental styles as it needs a huge practice to make a miniature diamond bow perfect for a necklace for example. The taste, according to which also most Dubai jewelers do their jewelry designs is the most common today all around the world. Western jewelry contains the items which you can wear every day without harming them and even the eye-catching jewelry sets are rather elegant than big. In the Western cultures, the emphasis is definitely on the classy and sophisticated details than on the size.

Dubai is a great mold though giving place and space for all sorts of cultures, all sorts of beautiful jewelry designs, which further help us to understand and feel a far-away culture even more. That is why in Dubai, the jewelry design is among the most looked for jobs because its never enough learning something new on how can a jewelry look like. You may find beautiful contemporary jewelry designs in the stores of Chanel, Chopard, Cartier and Versace, some European masters of fine jewelry and fine jewelry designs.