Dubai Handmade Jewelry

There are all sorts of fine handmade jewelry sold all over Dubai. We know that each quality jewelry stores, which sell first class items, sell solely handmade jewelry. Fine jewelry especially the one made with the inclusion of gemstones of all types, sizes need the highest precision and professionalism to be included in jewelry and this can only be done with hands. Let us see what sorts of jewelry we can find in Dubai

Handmade jewelry means the fine jewelry sold in the highest quality stores. Making jewelry requires great precision therefore jewelry making is a strict handicraft in this regard. The process of jewelry making needs quite a lot of time so that is why the bigger jewelry manufacturers work with a high number of jewelry makers. Yet, interestingly if we talk about handmade jewelry, we mean those items that are sold by folk art stores or heritage stores. In Dubai, you can see many beautiful handicrafts even while you are walking in a souk where you can see the process of artisans making beautiful copper decoration plates and other souvenirs.

Jewelry making is normally not happening on the place of the selling of jewelry in Dubai. Yet most stores have a lab, which they use for the correction of jewelry that is normally a less hard work to do. The only place where there are workshops and showrooms on the same place is the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park, which is a complex, planned to give place for companies both for the making and for the selling of their jewelry. Handmade jewelry can mean the finest jewelry in other terms. If you visit the website of any prominent jewelry maker, you can read much on the whole process of making great quality fine jewelry. The best metals for jewelry making are definitely silver or gold. These two metals are the easiest to form, which is one criteria of jewelry making of course. Materials such as platinum or palladium mean a lot longer process until they are transformed into jewelry. Handmade jewelry means the highest luxury to wear and gives you a great feeling to have something, which is made by hands in the highest quality.

By far, automatism is not really used in the jewelry industry for clear reasons. Each design requires different ingredients and different approach and there is no machine, which would be able to handle these big differences. Only handmade jewelry can include those great decorations, great forms, designs, and all the wonderful variety of included gemstones, which is made by hands. Of course, all luxury items are so expensive because all of them praise the work of hands, not machines. This goes for all goods, from leather to the most complicated luxury watches all of them being handmade.

Therefore, also the first class jewelry embraces this feeling of being handmade. Other sorts of handmade jewelry in Dubai include the tribal and Bedouin jewelry, which is mostly made of silver. Bedouin jewelry can be bought in several shops of the Gold Souk in Dubai. The beautiful handmade jewelry is the main treasure of the best international jewelry stores too, such as Cartier, Graff, Chopard, Garrard or Bvlgari.

Even the best quality designer jewelry collections treasure handmade jewelry. On the website of Chanel, you can see the making of Chanel’s trademark ribbon in form of a brooch. The best quality designer stores, such as Dior, Armani or Versace all offer beautiful collections of handmade jewelry. In Dubai, you can get to see all of these first class stores together with the best local fine jewelry traders such as Damas, Levant, Pure Gold, Taiba or Joyalukkas. Find all these stores in the huge Dubai Mall.