Dubai Gold Jewelry

Gold has always been the classic and best appreciated metal for the making of jewelry. Gold is also the oldest metal used for making jewelry and since the old times, the value of gold is known to represent high value. The wearers of gold jewelry are still associated with richness and therefore happiness and gold jewelry is the best selling jewelry in the world. Dubai has always been a primarily gold trading emirate and its alone standing huge Gold Souk in Deira is considered among the biggest gold trading hubs in the world.

Gold has several great qualities, which make it a great jewelry metal. First, it is a non-corrosive metal, which is quite a rare quality. It is a naturally softer metal but it is great to be combined with other metals without losing its quality and color that much. 24K gold is too soft for being jewelry that is why jewelers generally work with gold alloys which produces 22K, 21K and 18K gold jewelry. The 22K jewelry is the closest to being pure gold but there is no notable difference between 22 and 21K. For a normal viewer of course even 18K gold looks the same. Gold alloys are normally made with the help of silver or copper. Too much copper makes gold more reddish, out of which a new trend was born: the trend of the colored gold alloys. Today’s most favorite gold alloys are the white gold the red gold and the rose gold alloys, which are often used mixed in gold jewelry, creating a really unique outlook. Fort he more extravagant, there are also shades such as blue, green and purple gold, but these are not so fashionable yet only used for jewelry details as such.

White gold in the richer countries is a gold alloy, which means gold mixed partly with palladium and partly with zinc. In the poorer countries, white gold was made of gold and nickel but ever since it has turned out that nickel can cause several allergic problems, the usage of nickel is prohibited in the European Union. However always check out the white gold in Dubai and only buy it from a prestigious gold jewelry maker. Although in most cases, Dubai is even more trustable than other gold buying places in the world. Most of the gold arrives in Dubai from Turkey, China and India, which are currently the world’s biggest gold mining countries. In addition, they have the best quality gold and most of which goes to Dubai to be manufactured by the local Dubai and Indian jewelries. In Dubai, you can see alone standing, great and unique designs created for you. There is no golden ware and quality which you would not find in Dubai really especially when it comes to the Gold Souk, the centre of the Dubai based gold jewelries. The most notable names of gold jewelry in Dubai are Taiba Jewelry, Damas Jewelry, Joyalukkas Jewelry, Pure Gold Jewelry, and Al Futtaim Jewelry, al Zain jewelry, not to mention the dozens of first class international gold jewelries that you can find in the shopping malls of Dubai

Several gold jewelry in Dubai deals with custom requests especially if you go to the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park which is the second most promising place which deals with the offers of more than forty diamond and gold jewelry stores which have their workshops also within the complex.