Gemstone Jewelry Dubai

After gold it’s the gemstones which have the highest importance in the high profile jewelry in Dubai where the competition between each jeweler is pretty big and each jewelry stores do their best to offer the best quality gold and gemstone jewelry to its clients. That is how the competition always stays healthy enriching the jewelry stores with a wider collection and also the consumer for the bigger variety. Gemstone jewelry in Dubai stands on the second place with the promotion, great work of both Dubai and India based jewelry stores and the extreme promotional and commercial activities of the DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre) the diamond, and precious gemstone business is flourishing in Dubai.

Gemstone jewelry is at its peak when even colored diamonds and all sorts of precious and semi precious stones are used in great quantities for decorating all sorts of jewels including watches too. Diamonds mainly dominates the Gemstone jewelry of Dubai. Diamond the queen of gemstone has for long been the most expensive gemstone in the world, white diamonds, used to be entirely dominated by the South African De Beers Company today is divided between multiple companies enabling the diamond trading to be more multicolored. Dubai receives its diamonds mainly from India where more than ninety percent of the diamonds are still cut. Most of the colored gemstones also arrive from Asia including the great quality Japanese pearls, which several big Dubai brands are using. The most beautiful gemstone jewelry collections you will soon be able to see if you are in Dubai during the 2011 International Jewelry Week of Dubai that is held specifically for the reason to introduce the diverse types of parties, which take part in the jewelry making process to each other.

Several first class Dubai jewelry deals with gemstone jewelry, primarily the Dhamani which owns the patent of the unique Dubai diamond cut, Damas Jewelry which is now introducing its own cut and famous for owning the biggest collection of all sorts of jewelry. Dubai Cut has been introduced a couple of years ago, when the government of Dubai in cooperation with the DMCC has decided to create something new and unique in order to establish Dubai’s place in the international jewelry and gemstone trading. The Dubai cut is the only cut wearing the name of a country (emirate) and its 99 plates are to symbolize the 99 names of Allah. The Dubai Cut is only allowed to be manufactured, distributed and sold in the stores of Dhamani Jewelers. One of the biggest gemstone jewelry names the Pure Gold Jewelers are also famous for their quality diamonds, together with Samra and Passion Jewelers who all deal with gemstone jewelry on the highest level.

The gemstone jewelry of Dubai is developing day by day. Although today it is the diamond, which plays the biggest role in the Dubai jewelry industry, other gemstones like ruby, emerald, sapphire or topaz, are starting to be similarly famous too. Looking at the gemstone jewelry of the biggest international names we can see that the gemstone jewelry usage goes through changes, with the implementation of such materials and semi-precious stones that have not been used for the making of high-class gemstone jewelry before.