Dubai Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry and accessories belong to that type of jewelry, which we prefer to buy for everyday or seasonal use. There are types that go with a sort of dresses others, such as earrings can be bought in all forms and style. There are plenty of places to buy great quality fashion jewelry and accessories in Dubai too. Dubai, the land of jewelry give way to all sorts and types of jewelry which you can get so, there is no better choice for you to do a great shopping, than in Dubai.

Fashion jewelry and accessories are also called bijoux originating from French language meaning jeweler, which looks attractive, but it is made of lower quality gold or silver with the usage of cheaper semi-precious stones such as different types of zircon that is still among the most popular substitutes of diamond in a ring. It is still hard to recognize though which gemstones are considered precious or semi-precious used in fashion jeweler and accessories but the following gemstones are frequently used for the manufacturing of bijoux: Turqoise, Quartz, and Onyx, pyrite, sugilite, tourmalite, and malachite, and rose quartz, different forms of Agate or Lapis Azuli. This does not close out the possibility of all these stones used in fine jeweler too.

Dubai fashion jewelry and accessories came into fashion during the world war when the price of gold was so high that it was close to be impossible to buy. In these days women tried to find other methods of wearing jewelry, which looks the same good, sometimes even trendier but represents a much lower value. Fashion jewelry is often made of silver, 18K gold or copper. Fashion jewelry for the upper mentioned reasons also tried to find other materials that could be used for easy jewelry making, such as aluminums, which are very much used for the making of cheap jewelry, and plastic jewelry, which is also quite fashionable nowadays. The moissanite as a diamond substitute was starting to get more and more popular in the Fifties and was found in Japan. Fashion jewelry and accessories both represent ways of self-communication, exclamation and self-expression in today’s world. In the world of fashion jewelry and accessories the stand-out and colorful pieces of jeweler are very important. That is why fashion jewelry is also called "bling" or "bling-bling" style where the luminescence, the actual sight of the jewel represents more value than the material out of which it was made. Blings are extra big fashion jewelry founded by African American rappers, and hip-hop artists and these are still extremely famous to be worn in the world of hip-hop.


Today, fashion jewelry bears the oriental signs of jewelry crafting. Extra big African style necklaces and extra big earrings are very fashionable to wear by everyone, especially by the younger generation. In Dubai, you can find all forms of fashion jewelry and accessories, which of course also mean watches, handbags, scarves, sunglasses, headbands and belts.

In the Deira souk of Dubai, there is no fashion jewelry or accessories that you would not be able to find there. In the Gold Souk, you can find great fashion jewelry made out of copper silver or lower quality gold. Some shops, like the "Accessorize" offer all sorts of fashion jewelry and accessories and has stores in Dubai too, the biggest being in the Dubai Mall. Other great selections of fashion jewelry and accessories you can find in the Bloomingdales the Saks Fifth Avenue, the Debenhams and in all the biggest shops of Dubai that deal with cosmetics and accessories.