Dubai Diamond Jewelry

If you want to find the best quality diamond jewelry, then Dubai is the place for you to come. Today, Dubai is the Middle Eastern hub of diamond trading and the worlds finest diamond makers can be found over here in the big shopping malls and in jewelry stores, not to mention the great Dubai Gold Souk.

The main retailers of diamond jewelry can also be found in Dubai. From the biggest diamond retailers in the world, such as De Beers, to the great local diamond jewelry stores, such as Dhamani Jewelry, which has won the right to be the one and only exclusive producer of the unique “Dubai Cut” diamonds? There are all the big names of Dubai diamond jewelry industry that you must look for, such as Zainal Jewelry, Dhamani Jewelry that is by far the largest retailer of jewelry in Dubai together with the Indian Pure Gold Group, which has its stores all over Dubai, offering some of the best quality diamonds in their high number of collections. Do not miss the chance to visit Graff Diamonds and Mouawad Jewelry both of which you can find in the Gold Souk of the Dubai Mall. Do not miss the chance to see the best diamond jewelry collections in the world also in the quality stores of Garrard and Co. and Cartier both of which are crown jewelers serving the highest classes in the world.

You can find all sorts of jewelries in Dubai most of which deal with great quality diamonds. Samra jewelry, together with Pure Gold, De Beers and Graff prefers the usage of white diamonds. If you want to see some great collection of beautiful colorful diamonds, visit the stores of Tiffany and Co., Mouawad, Chopard, which created something extremely beautiful in the world of jewelry, counting as one of the best ever jeweler in the world. Do not miss the chance to see the extra unique art pieces of gold and diamond jewelry at the stores of Bvlgari.

In Dubai, the number and variety of diamond jeweler stores is extra high. Diamond trading is incredibly pushed by Dubai in the last few years with a good reason. Dubai has been the top trader of gold in the area for a long time but the interest in getting quality diamonds is growing. With the changed business strategy of De Beers Diamonds, which practically was the one and only monopoly, the so-called diamond empire, by which it has decided to let other too to get a bigger piece of the cake, the diamond trading is flourishing these days. Dubai has chosen the best way to become a main dealer of diamonds: it ‘s attracting the world’s best diamond sellers to open and even to have their manufactures moved to Dubai, where they offer tax-free production and selling.

This way today, the top diamond jeweler sellers and makers have opened their stores in Dubai. There is no town in the world, where you could find the best diamond jewelry from all around the world. In addition, with the implementation of the unique "Dubai Cut" which means a 99 facet cut of diamonds and can only and exclusively bought in Dubai, which has a great chance to become the Middle Eastern top seller of diamonds and diamond jewelry.