Dubai Designer Jewelry

Dubai is the land of jewelry and really, there is no jeweler, which you would not find in Dubai, including the colorful variety of designer jewelry, which you can find over here, in this beautiful, luxurious city. Designer jeweler has all sorts and ranges and hereby we represent you with some of the best examples of the trendiest shops where you can look around.

Designers have been in the jewelry industry long ago. For a classy dress, wearing classy jeweler is a-must and where else to buy them than straight from where you get your haute couture? As of today, almost all the big names in the fashion industry have their own ranges and collections of quality jewelry. Let us see now the two brands, which in our opinions produce the most memorable and highest quality art pieces of beautiful gold and diamond designer jewelry.

Chanel has been in the jewelry industry since 1932 when it represented its very first diamond jeweler collection to the public. Diamond was Coco Chanel’s most favorite stone and the fashion house still dedicates its jeweler sets to the best representation of beautiful diamonds. Today they are manufacturing the best quality first class designer jewelry. You can see here the finest quality diamonds as Chanel prefers the classic way of jeweler, which results in producing items with sky-high quality and prices. Chanel has currently three ranges offered in the jewelry palette: the Chanel Accessories, the Chanel Fine Jewelry and the Chanel Watches. Chanel prefers the usage of silvery metals such as white gold and platinum as these quality metals is those that enhance the brightness and luminescence of classic “white” diamonds the most. Chanel also puts high emphasis on their jeweler to harmonize with their actual collections. In the Chanel Haute Joallerie shops, we can get to see six collections: the Camélie, the Cométe, the Baroque, the Bridal, the 1832 and the Ultra. For Chanel it is important to emphasize that all the diamonds included in their designer jewelry comes with a GIA certificate and that all their diamonds fulfill the terms and conditions set by the Kimberley Process. Find Chanel designer jewelry boutiques in Dubai within the Dubai Mall, in the BurJuman Shopping Centre and in the Wafi Mall. The Dubai retailer of Chanel Haute Joallerie and Watches is Ahmed Seddiqi and Sons.

We would like to mention Versace on the second place when talking about quality designer jewelry because of both the high quality and the great designing talent, which we find behind their quality designer jewelry. Versace as a pure Italian brand loves the natural yellow color of gold and they do all their best to emphasize the beauty of their stones with the eclectic designs, which we can find in their collections. Versace does not use diamonds with such a frequency as Chanel does but in return, we can get to see all great colorful and unique gemstones, which really compensate us. Versace also likes the usage of colored diamonds. They deal with all sorts of designer jewelry. Gianni Versace first came out with his Atelier collection in the Nineties and ever since Versace works with the best in order to create something unique for the lovers of quality designer jewelry. You must see their Eon, Elegance and Ghea collections. Their jeweler watches collections are also breathtaking. Find Versace watches and designer jewelry in Dubai in the Paris Gallery and Watch Gallery stores, which are the local Dubai retailers of Versace.

Of course, apart from these two brands, you can see fantastic designer jewelry collections from Dior, Armani or Gucci and each one of these are represented in Dubai in their great shopping malls, preferably in the Dubai Mall and in the Wafi City.