Damas Jewelry Dubai

Damas is the biggest name in Dubai when it comes to jewelry trading or making. Damas jewelry has been operating in Dubai in the last 3 decades and currently offers the biggest and most colorful jewelry collections manufactured by either local or international jewelry manufacturers.

Damas Jewelry’s founder was a Syrian jeweler and jewelry retailer who had thought of moving to Dubai with his family while continuing its retailer activities in the United Arab Emirates. Today, Damas has stores in all the Middle Eastern countries and opened its first store in London in Europe the most recently. Damas follow strict rules when it comes to quality. It has currently featured 30 brands offering diverse collections all coming from the best jewelry making manufactures and brands. Damas is currently the one and only Dubai jewelry trader, which could afford to make three different quality stores featuring different categories of collection targeting the customers with different budgets. Next to jewelry, Damas Jewelry is also one of the biggest retailers of international luxury watches brands, currently offering above 20 different European and International watches collections.

Let us see the collections Damas Jewelry offers in its diverse stores:
Damas Les Exclusives offers the highest worth fine jewelry and watches for the customers that can afford them. It is really worth looking around in one “les Exclusives” store of Damas, where you can see all the highest quality gold and platinum jewelry decorated with the finest diamonds and gemstones. The stores feature both Damas and various international brands, such as Roberto Coin, Annamaria Cammilli or Daniel K. Watches sold in the Exclusive stores includes Parmigiani, Vacheron Constantin and Chronoswiss with several other first class brands. Find Damas Les Exclusives stores in Dubai in the Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates and in the BurJuman Shopping Mall.

Damas Semi-Exclusive Stores offer a great variety of exclusive and more affordable fine jewelry selected from the many different collections of Damas. These include beautiful engagement rings, jewelry sets and quality watches such as Paco Rabanne or Visetti watches. In Dubai, most shopping malls accommodate at least one Semi Exclusives stores of Damas.

Damas 22K stores cater the needs of lower budget customers who cannot afford the high style brands but still are eager to buy jewelry. Offers include several brands of Damas such as Hayati, Jawaher or Mantourah collections. Damas 22K store can be found in the Gold Souk and in various shopping malls of the city.

Hereby we enlist some of Damas’s own most memorable collections: Farha, Farfasha, Hayati, Boudoor, Fior, Nakhsharta, Legacy. The most memorable collections of Damas’ international brands include Annamaria Cammilli, Marco Bicego, Luca Carati and Mikimoto Pearls.

Next to these three types of stores, Damas also has set up several mono-brand and specialized stores such as Damas Kids, Damas Duty Free and Damas Watches stores. Single brand stores of Damas include Daniel K, Tiffany and Co., Graff, Parmigiani, Roberto Coin and Folli Follie among many others.

Damas has been smart enough to be the retailer of the highest quality brands in Dubai, primarily for Tiffany and Graff brands, which are among the biggest quality diamond retailers and jewelry makers in the world. You can find all sorts of Damas stores in the shopping malls, business centers and in the Dubai Airport.