Chopard Jewelry Dubai

Founded in 1860 with the intention of creating an alone standing business in watch making, today Chopard Jewelry is among the most prominent jeweler and watches brands in the world. In Dubai, it will be more than easy for you to find Chopard Jewelry’s stores: due to their high success, Dubai features altogether fifteen Chopard stores in different destinations within the city.

Chopard Jewelry has always been concentrating more on the making of real quality watches than on the making of jeweler, still today it is considered primarily a jewelry brand instead of being a watch brand solely. Founded in Switzerland the beautiful and highly complicated watches of Chopard are sold in the brand stores all over the world, next to its alone standing jeweler collections, which contain the world’s most beautiful gemstones and bear such an elegance and personality, which only a few jewelry brand can reach. As the jeweler and watch-making work of Chopard is completely intertwined, we cannot really differentiate one from the other when we talk about collections. The first notable Chopard Jewelry’s collection released in the Nineties called “Happy Diamonds” and this was soon to follow by the “Happy Sport” collection. In the meantime, the “Hunterback” case watch of Chopard has been released earning the highest professional success for Chopard as a watchmaker. This watch is still held having the finest automatic movement ever created in a watch. The “Hunterback” Case has only 300 models but its further developed models still make the centre of Chopard Jewelry’s watch collection over the decades represented under the name "1860" referring to the founding date of Chopard.

Ever since Chopard Jewelry had released several different collections, out of which the most popular are its Cannes and Mille Miglia collections with the latter referring to a car racing competition held yearly in Italy. Chopard has been the jeweler designer of both these events over the last decade. Being the member of the Fleurier group, which has only four members, the high quality standards of Chopard are guaranteed by the Geneva Seal.

The brand has always been famous for its great and unique jewelry worn by several stars and important personalities over the last decades. Interestingly Chopard Jewelry has only become famous in the last fifty years but from then on, its success is unstoppable. The brand has never concentrated solely on one metal or one stone as many do. At Chopard, you will see beautiful living colors represented in their jewelry items. The newest WWF collection of Chopard is outstanding in many ways making Chopard even more outstanding in professional ways. This newest collection has been inspired by the animals of the world featuring 150 species in wearable forms of jewelry. If you take a look to some of the artworks represented in this collection, from then on, you will surely see why this collection is regarded as one of the highest ever quality and design in the history of jeweler making. The collection also emphasizes the importance of animal rights and preserving of nature as to underline Chopard Jewelry’s charity efforts in cooperation with WWF aiming to save the tigers in the world.

Do not hesitate to see the highest style jewelry in the different stores of Chopard Jewelry in Dubai, with their largest showroom being located in the Dubai Mall. Chopard Jewelry is one of the best examples on the real art of jewelry making.