Chaumet Jewelry Dubai

Chaumet is really history. Founded in the time when Napoleon become a general, Chaumet was his first wife Josephine’s jeweler and Napoleon kept the jewelry also after her death, being the royal jewelry of his. Chaumet today is a great example of the finest jewelry, being also part of Dubai jewelry world. Chaumet can be found in the best Malls of Dubai and it makes the royal segment of the international Dubai jewelry commerce.

Chaumet is one of the oldest jewelers in Europe, which is still standing. Having been owned by several jewelers and artists, this great jewelry brand is one notable example of Europe’s finest jewelry. Founded in 1780 on the dawn of Napoleon’s Empire by a high-end jeweler called Jean-Marie Nitot, Chaumet always kept up with the latest trends that it has created without being left back as a follower. Over the centuries, Chaumet had multiple owners, with Chaumet being one of them. Chaumet has always has a great unique style and was never eager to stick to only one thing. It always chose to experiment all the modern styles and all the precious materials. Today Chaumet sports more than ten ongoing collections just like the most famous Josephine the Lines du Chaumet, ABC du Chaumet or Année du Chaumet one of the most notable collection of wedding bands is the “Attrape moi… si tu me aimes” featuring rings of outstanding style. The mixing of the finest precious metals in the smartest ways is the style of Chaumet. It remains always one-of-a-kind. Dubai jewelry industry loves unique jewelry; so, Chaumet has a sound success in the upper circles of society.

The basic collections of Chaumet feature fine jewelry, watches, bridal jewelry and high jewelry. The upper mentioned examples are all part of the fine jewelry collection of Chaumet; the bridal collection consists of sophisticated chiseled wedding rings and wedding bands. The high jewelry collection consists of the unique, exclusive handmade haute couture of Chaumet’s jewelry. The watch collection of Chaumet consist of the Precious Hours, Dandy, Class One, Liens de Chaumet and Khesis collections each one containing the most beautiful examples of classic jewelry watches. All the watches are made with the best ingredients with the presence of professional watchmakers to take care of the watches’ quality. As jewelry watches are part of the most popular Dubai jewelry, it is no wonder Chaumet proudly represents its collection as several exclusive jewelry stores in Dubai. The Dubai jewelry retailer of Chaumet is the big Al Fardan Dubai jewelry group representing Chaumet’s great watch and jewelry collections in its stores. You can find Al Fardan Dubai Jewelry in the Dubai Mall and in the Mall of the Emirates.

If you look for the highest class Dubai Jewelry, then you should visit Chaumet while you are staying in Dubai the land of fine jewelry and the best quality gold metal. Other than Dubai jewelry stores, you can find Chaumet also in Abu Dhabi within the United Arab Emirates.