Dubai Antique Jewelry

When discussing antique jewelry, we must determine a couple of good-to-knows on the different types of antique jewelry. In Dubai, you can get to see all the different stores and styles of jewelry, as the town is really a jewelry base with the highest number of jewelry stores per square kilometer. If you want to buy jewelry in Dubai, surely you will have a great and very busy time while visiting the world’s best jewelries.

First, there is the antique jewelry that you can get to see in museums for example. In this regard, antique jewelry means old jewelry, possibly from the Antique times. This sort of jewelry counts as a historical or museum treasure and it is strictly for exhibition. You can see the best selection of Dubai antique jewelry in the Dubai Pearl Museum, which is set up by the Dubai National Bank. You can find the headquarters in the National Bank of Dubai by the Dubai Creek located on the Banyas Road. It represents a great historical exhibition about pearls featuring videos on pearl diving history of Dubai and some of their best contemporary and antique jewelry selection all of them made with the beautiful Dubai pearls, which do not exist anymore, due to the high pollution arrived in the waters of the Arabic Gulf during the First World War.

You can also get to see some ancient antique jewelry in the Dubai Museum featuring the oldest finds during all the excavation works in the area of Dubai. Yet, we must add, that antique jewelry was not found in big amounts.

Antique jewelry is also vintage jewelry, which means jewelry made several decades ago, but still not representing museal value. This sort of Antique jewelry is the upcoming trend in Dubai and more and more antique dealers are aiming to find vintage jewelry in growing numbers. The only problem with this is, that most families like to preserve jewelry for the next generations so these are not that much likely to be sold unless in emergency. The trendiest today is to buy such vintage jewelry, which comes from Europe or Asia.

Another way of antique jewelry is jewelry, which looks antique. The best example of this sort of antique jewelry is in the Art Antiques Store in Dubai that you can find in the Souk Madinat complex in Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach. Haughton’s do not just represent Arabic style antique jewelry but also European vintage collections.

Please note, that antique jewelry is a tricky thing as most vintage goods. There are no real ways of determining whether jewelry was made last month or 50 years ago, just by a glance. The making of fake jewelry is a huge business and currently most of the big brands are all dealing with finding the best ways to make such inclusions to prevent their jewelry to be copied. After this, there is not much attention on antique jewelry. If they ask you to pay a sky-high price without any papers or authorized certifications in case of the presence of gemstones, then do not buy it.

Antique jewelry is a great thing and currently it represents one aspect of jewelry industry, which waits to grow. Yet, there are certain difficulties as mentioned above which makes very hard to distinguish a real antique jewelry from fake antique. The best method to go for is to look for oriental style antique jewelry, out of which you can find a lot in Dubai, if you visit the great Dubai Gold Souk.