Al Haseena Jewelry Dubai

Al Haseena represents a newer wave on the jewelry market of Dubai. Being a wholesale and an individual trader, it has great success of the crowded Dubai jewelry market. Al Haseena Jewelry is really among the Dubai jewelry brands worth seeing.

Dubai is really the land of jewelries, as you will get to see it too, once you visit this brilliant city, also called the “City of Gold” with a good reason. Trading life in Dubai is really concentrating on two main things: The real estate and the retail businesses, out of which the biggest part is dedicated to the jewelry trading. Dubai jewelry industry is huge and international; there is no stone or jewelry, which you would not be able to get in one of the Dubai jewelry stores.

Al Haseena was founded in 1983. Being an originally Dubai brand, it has been a member of the ETA STAR ASCON Group, which is one of the biggest trading groups of Dubai that has its hands in most of the business and transportation sectors. The Dubai jewelry brand this way has been highly successful ever since. It’s among those Dubai jewelry brands which deal with wholesale and retail in the same time along the Indian Kaloti and which has such a backup which in this sector currently only Al Futtaim Jewelry has, being part of the large Al Futtaim group. Dubai jeweler market, although crowded, welcomes new participants always, among those who can put something unique on the table, which Al Haseena Jewelry did. Al Hasseena is among the very few Dubai jewelry brands, which give you choice to choose jewelry according to the country of origin such as India, Turkey, Singapore, Bahrain, UAE and Italy. Out of the items, you can choose from a wide variety of bangles and bracelets, chains and necklaces, rings, earrings and pendants.

Al Haseena differentiates two groups of brands the Diamond brands and the Gold brands each one having three in their category, the Daraa, Maya Gold and Ayati for the Golden ware and Savanah, Fusion and again Ayati for their diamond collections. In their collection, you will be able to see great quality works of gold ware. The Ayati collection mainly represents Indian oriental style jeweler in form of beautiful big necklaces, earrings bangles and rings with typically the bangle collection being outstanding with its hundreds of forms and shapes. The Daaraa collection represents quite a unique collection of gold bangles with great decorations. The Italian DIA collection represents great designs of earrings and fitting pendants made out of fine quality gold.

Al Haseena Dubai jewelry brand is being represented in about seven stores all of which are located in the great Gold Souk of Deira. Other than this, it has shops on the Cosmos Lane and on the Al Fahidi Street of Bur Dubai, and in the Karama Shopping Centre in Dubai’s big immigrant district the Karama district. Al Haseena’s wholesale offices can all be found in the Gold Centre of the Gold Souk serving as the centre of Dubai jewelry.