Jewelry Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi is quite close to Dubai, both in style and in distance. From Dubai, the time to get to Abu Dhabi is not much more than 1, 5 hours. Abu Dhabi does its best to follow the example of Dubai, by means of modernization and regarding the number of stores. Another big fan of jewelry, Abu Dhabi too has a high number of jewelry stores.

The most known and highly appreciated jewelry stores are quite the same as in Dubai though. Most of the stores, which have first opened and got famous in Dubai, have their stores in both Abu Dhabi and the other neighboring cities and emirates, such as Sharjah, which in fame gets closer and closer to Dubai and Abu Dhabi itself. While Abu Dhabi also has its gold souk and the capital city also has a growing number of shiny modern shopping malls, accommodating the entire Western and local high quality fashion and jewelry stores.

You will find the Gold Souk of Abu Dhabi in the Madinat Zayed quarter located in the fourth street there, which also gives place to the huge Madinat Zayed Shopping Centre where you can find further great assortments of jewelry stores. Most of the Dubai Jewelry stores, such as Damas, Al Fardan and Al Farasha, Joyalukkas, or Kanz jewelers also have their stores in Abu Dhabi. Further jeweler to keep your eyes open for are the Dhabi Jewelers and Watches and of course, many others too, the choice is always up to your personal flavor. What is sure is, that you will not have to miss the great jewelry stores while being in Abu Dhabi. Almost all of the biggest international jewelry stores have their outlets also in Abu Dhabi. Here you can find Cartier, Bvlgari, Chanel and all the most known jewelry brands. The Emirati Levant Jewelry offers you a great variety of international jewelry collections. In case you are interested in jewelry stores also offering watches, look for the closest shopping mall where you will surely find a Paris Gallery or one of the prominent Adhmed Seddiqi and Sons stores, who are the UAE retailers of the most precious watch brands.

Further Abu Dhabi Shopping Malls, where there is a great variety of international jewelry stores include the Marina Mall, the Abu Dhabi Shopping Mall and the Khalidiyah Mall as the biggest ones in the city. The best place to look for traditional Arabic and Bedoin Jewelry is the Heritage Village of Abu Dhabi, which is also the city’s memorable attraction. The Heritage Village can be found in Al Khalidiyah, which is the seaside central part of Abu Dhabi. The Heritage Village is a great place where the cultural treasure handicrafts have been preserved for the tourists and it is the best place in town to buy authentic silver or copper Bedouin tribal jewelry.

Other great attraction for souvenir buying is the Women’s Crafts Centre of Abu Dhabi, which serves as a basic point for tourists in order to buy great handmade souvenirs, including authentic jewelry over there. Abu Dhabi is really growing to give as memorable experience as Dubai does and thanks to all of their effort, the capital city is really a beautiful and blossoming centre full of all sorts of attractions, fashion and jewelry stores, hotels and restaurants. Find out more about the attraction and main sites to find jewelry stores in Abu Dhabi on the website of the city.